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The special offer! A seasonal discount of 20 % for all kinds of works from september, 1st till december, 31st.
Building of cottages
Designing of cottages
Repair and furnish of cottages
Repair of cottages on a turn-key basis
Repair of apartments on a turn-key basis
Furnish and repair of apartments
European-quality repair of apartments
Examples of design of apartments
Repair of offices on a turn-key basis
Interior design of office
Furnish and repair of offices
Of consultation and order:
Ph.: (495 585-55-27, with 9 to 18
(495 107-72-25 (round the clock)
The icq-adviser: 251878298
The address of office:
Moscow, street krasnobogatyrsky,
The house 2, p. 2, a floor 3, office 4.
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Furnish and repair of apartments

Repair and furnish of apartments business uneasy and it demands high qualification and responsibility of experts, its carrying out. new technologies in furnish, european-quality repair, have grown out of occurrence of new building materials. their any non-observance or simple negligence generates latent defects which cannot be revealed at once. therefore all subtleties of repair are better for entrusting professionals. company "euro" which is carrying out qualitative repair of apartments and offices and all complex internal building and painting and decorating, offers the services in design of furnish of apartments and complex repair.
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We offer full volume repair-building and painting and decorating, including on repair of new apartment:
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Qualitatively and in time. all works are carried out on the newest technologies with use of modern technics and non-polluting materials that allows to reduce considerably terms and to raise quality of made works.

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Call to us by phones (495 585-55-27, 107-72-25.

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