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Building of cottages
Designing of cottages
Repair and furnish of cottages
Repair of cottages on a turn-key basis
Repair of offices on a turn-key basis
Interior design of office
Furnish and repair of offices
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Ph.: (495 585-55-27, with 9 to 18
(495 107-72-25 (round the clock)
The icq-adviser: 251878298
The address of office:
Moscow, street krasnobogatyrsky,
The house 2, p. 2, a floor 3, office 4.
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Having made the order at us, you will relieve yourselves of superfluous problems and the hassle, connected with repair and building. to each client at us an individual approach that allows together with it quickly and qualitatively to receive necessary result. and certainly, we guarantee an embodiment of your dream of the ideal house in a reality.

The design project and repair of apartment
We remained are very happy with repair which was made in our apartment by workers of firm "euro". in the beginning us have consulted concerning design, selection of building materials, competent use of available space. then, in the course of works which should be noticed were carried out very qualitatively with observance of the put terms, we had possibility to correct received result taking into account new arising ideas. as a result we have received comfortable, functional, cosy and simply beautiful house in which you have a rest both soul, and a body.

I long could not choose repair of apartment and architectural supervision
From variety of the moscow civil engineering firms. but according to the advice of the friends happy with the repair, i have addressed in firm "euro". mistrust which i tested in the beginning, was replaced subsequently by firm confidence that the result can even surpass all my expectations. absence of constant anxiety concerning repair, professional consultations of experts, departures and the help in a choice of building and finishing materials, furniture, sanitary technicians, accessories all it as was found out, is very important elements of work of good civil engineering firm. i want to tell that my choice was correct and i more than is happy with the received result.

The design project, repairarchitectural supervision
For me repair always remained terrible and unpleasant event. as soon as i imagined chaos in apartment, constant hassle, huge expenses which are caused by repair, i searched at once for an occasion to remove it for uncertain term. digging on the internet, i casually have come across a site is repair-civil engineering firm "euro" where it was offered to look at already repaired objects and objects in which repair work is still conducted. curiosity has forced me to visit as ready apartments, and in what works were still conducted. i the eyes could see technology and estimate quality of building. besides, me have promised to help not be defined with the next image of apartment, but also to take the decision of everything, the specialised questions, a concerning choice of materials and features of furnish on itself. and the main thing that term of performance of all works has very much surprised me and has inspired to dare at repair which i remained is very happy.http://koroli-film.ru/|http://vesta-climat.ru/|


Call to our experts In phones: (495 585-55-27, 107-72-25.

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